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Monday, February 28

Fy Ty fyty

Today is the most fuck-ing day I think -.- Wake up in the morning with unpleasent face . Selsema , batuk , demam . Haihh , macam - macam ah . Rimassss oh . Nothing fun in the school just now , tapiii saya dapat buli My Syafiqah wehh . Hahahaha , kelakar gilaa kacau dia nie :'P

After back from school me , Nana , Amir , Teeha with Dzul take bus metro and insteadly go to Mcd . Makan makan , gelak gelak riuh dengan suara kiteorang je aku rasa . Hahaha , penuh phone aku dengan video yang Amir dgn Nana record . Sumpah lawak , later on Syazana will upload the video either in her blog or facebook account . So , today was the first day for Teeha joined us tuition :'D Ahhh greattt ! And me non stop bothering one pretty girl that is from Smk. Serendah I think . Hahaha , bukan nak buli . Buttt , I have a good attention yaw . Saya tak jahat mcm Atiqah Azman kay :') Hee , jgn percaya cakap Atiqah Azman , I'm a good girl .

Here it comes , the March months is the most months that is full of test -___-" consentrate on my study for school and tuition . Ya Allah , banyaknyaaa -.- Sabo jelah , nie semua bala nie bala . Hahahaha , nope actually . Songal Syaza ni . Okay , till here :'P