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Saturday, February 12

All Changed

I missed the old 3Melor :'( Saya rinduuuu cikgucikgu yang sungguh SuperB walaupun annoyed :( I miss Tulaisi , Munishvar and Barney ? Haahaha , seriosly . I miss them , anddd for the mosttttttttt I missed is ATIQAH AZMAN and TEEHA KHAIRY :'( no more sang together in class and laughing our ass out together -.-'' Semua tak ada sekarang nie :( Anddd welcoming 3Orkid :D Preety good fun , but I wish I'm in 3Melor with the rest :'( stay in 3Orkid with Shahira Syazana and Syazwani . And back to my previous Form1 . Dzul and Amirul were in 3Orkid , yayayayayayya -__-" boringgggggg setiap hari kene mendaki tangga yg tinggi nak mampusssss dgn perut kosongggg -.-'' Burden me ! Imma like a stupid idiotic in 3Orkid , seriously -.- I've nothing to say besides , I really hate losing my awesome friends -___-" Semua da berubahhh , dan saya sangat lah benci !

Jadual pack nak mati duh sekarang , tuition were like usually . Laughing and skipped class *hang around in Mcd =D Hahaaahahaha , Atiqah said -- That is the first and the last time syazzzzzz -___-" Yaaa , thats it . Mcmmcm terjadi , itulah padahnyaaaaa skipped class lagi HAHAHA 

Out of credit -.-''
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