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Sunday, December 5

Thought That I Could Do It Alone

I am currently busy like a bird flies to find a home for itself . This year supposedly relaxing since it is a honeymoon year for me , thought . But it's already getting very hard . I can't imagine how it will be next year . god , it is so nightmarish . Auch :'/ Early in the morning mama woke up and ask me go to Serdang for Maha ? Me ? Go there ? *Hell laugh . Na'ahh , I'll neva go like that event eventually . Yesterday Teeha and Me were busying changing our new templete for blog =D Gile peninggg doe -_- Bnyak gyle Teeha kasi aku link , serabutt HAHA . First I choose something like snow , yeah I'm thinking it's for Merry Christmas . See , how semangat . HAHA . Andd , lastly I choose this vintage . Kelam kibut Teeha tnye aku dpt kt mana . Tergelak aku , Teeha said to me last night :-

Teeha : Sis , kau boleh jadi cikgu IT lah doee 
Me      : Tak mauu , aku nk jadi peguam :'(
Teeha : Peguam kne bnyk bcakap doee HAHA
Me      : Takpe , aku sukaa :D cikgu IT kne bnyk menaip , penat T.T

Both laughing
Siot je Teeha , jd cikgu IT ? ohmaygodd , takmauu :'(