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Wednesday, December 8

Make Your First Move

Wassup bloggie ;) What a tiring day for Syaza Syahirah T.T Cleaning the whole house today alone ERR just watching The Parents Trap . Omaygodd , best gilaa ah . Like I said , tv kinda my bestfriend now :D hahaha . That twinies effing cutioo <3 Last night Isyraf , Nana Teeha and myself changed profile picture *fb . Sure the others will said " eh , ape lah dorang nie mcm budak2 tkr gamba avatar lah apelah " Okayy , kteorng ade sbab lah tkr gamba --' The rules who wanted to get involves is , have to change any of superhero or heroin that is superB . Like Isyraf he be the HellBoy . Suckk isn't ? Hahaha , gurau nyahh . Nana she be the Prince Naudaa , while Teeha be the CatWomen . Meowww . And me , be the StempunkVider I think it so . Well Im thinking to switch my superheroin <3 . I wanna be the LavaGirl , inspired by Iwan my little bro . Hahaha , mati kau Isyraf . Stay away from me nyahh :D bodoh gyle aku ngn Nana , hahaha . Weyhh tak baik dohh , but its a fact men ! Shameer , I hope you'll join us nextweek yaa' . Kau kn pro , moreover die member kt situ Nana (!) hahaha . Tkpe jln jauh sikit kn , smbil2 tu capture gamba . Haha . So guys , nextweek swimming yaa'