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Friday, November 12

shit to the stickk

woot woot , currently at Kolej Komunity Selayang best gyle kott kt sini :D nie pun curi curi gne . Balek ruma nnt aku update lagy , theres alot of funny and suckk thing happen here actually-__- makanan die , MAMA ! omaygodd annoyed gyle doe -,- tp lecturerr kt sini gyle sporting habes doee , see i can online and update :) but they already block FACEBOOK url . So we cant online facebook account , that was truely suckk . Rock climbing was truely awesome :D me , aishah , ika and iman di dada (introduce by nana) were participate rock climbing . We got back to the lab at 2pm . we will continue our journey for flying foxx . gile kautim lah ngn abg tuu ;) Puan Azalifah and Puan norliza were really AWESOMEEEE we loveee youuu ;)