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Friday, November 12

Esther Colesman

Congrates Adikk ! Im proud of you :) tngok , tk sia sia aku maki hamun kau time aku ajar kau kn *Laughing Well , what else I can say . She did it ! Mom says , Adikk you have to do excellent in your UPSR . I want 5A's . Not like your sista , 3A's 2B . But its okay kakak . Dah puas kn ma' ? Haihh , 

School-ing for this weeks , truely SUCKKK 
 We have NOTHING to do besides
Shahira , Syazana and Syafiqah got kursus kepimpinan for 2 days . Bored gyle diorang tkde kt dlm kelas -__- Huhh , and this saturday I got kursus ict at Kolej Komunity Selayang with my hot peeps , yeahhh Rockin Girl :D From 8am - 4:30pm , So babe' before 7:15 dah kne ade kt schl okay ? 

Final Exam result , suckkk ! Errr I got 2A's and disappointing me , I got E -___- errr FRUSTTT . Surely mama will smashed me up , just get ready .