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Sunday, May 29

Dont leave me out here.

Hi! For the first is, sorry tak update tiga-empat hari ni. Okay, menukang buku. Hihi :') Well, long yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! the exam is already done. Can you imagine the whole two weeks I cant have the sweetest dream? In fact, I have nightmare lastnight. Whick told me, Maths gonna ruined everything! Omg-.- Yet, it was true. I was feeling like to cried. Okay, stop it. Mata aku maleh doh nak nangis. Hahaha.

Even though, what past is past and they won't come back and change a thing. Whatever. I just want to plow through my holiday as miraculous as Mr. Bean's. Hehehe. Ohh, big shocked! I found my old pendrive bebeh. Hihi. I go through up those folders. And guess what. Alot of miracle came into me. Okay, aku tipu. No lah. It was just like, I got sooooo many memories with others. And I read all previous update. Omjay, my eyesss-.- SHIT. Stop it, and yesterday. I wrote this one:-


And suddenly, it turns like this after I read Yezz magazine:-


Ohyaa, aku lupa. Aku mana ada LifeSaver. Eh, tak pernah ah! *kejam gila Syaza. Hahaha. Stupid me, i read all my previous post and I opened his blog. And apa aku dapat? Bodohh, langsi gila. Sakit hati je weh-.- Errr.

I'm on my way to meet my cousins, kbyee.