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Saturday, April 9

She got the beat

Mum woke me up early as usually, and I'm feeling so depressed. I woke up and instead get shower and performs. My mind and my heart, just like puzzle. I realize that everything is not fine -.- I need someone to get me lay down and relax. I read surah yassin and praised to Allah. And now, I feel more better. But.. I just cant go through my life anymore. Seriously, aku nak mati je boleh tak? Stress gila ah-.- ERRR

Okay now, starts my day of sound of the dog barking several times behind my grandma house. Many thanks to them, nak sambung tidur. Terus tak jadi. I feel drowsy and tired cried all the time. Well, Im so difficult to get normal back, which means.. Easily to smile, laughing my ass out and eating all the time. All what I need is to get better relationship with him and sleep. My body, my mind, my eyes becomes so heavy. So now I'm trying to left out what Im feel this by typing something un-hypnotize.

After this maybe I'll inactive updating my blogs and so on. Its April! I need focusing in my study, spend my time on tuition and revise all subject in form1 and form2. Gahh-.- Only weekends I'll online-ing Fb and Twitter, weekdays? Jangan harap ah mama nak kasi aku pegang modem. Kbyee.