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Friday, April 22

Many Thanks :)

Its almost 1months my eyes burst out like..Ergh, I dont know what to excpect. Many thanks to Syazana, omaygoddd! She is good at calming someone down. Thanks weh :'( Terharu gila do. For the most, thnks to Atiqah for giving me support and sound me like 'Wth you're still thngking about him, try to forget Syaza' Im off without that weh. Sumpah, gentle tak tipu ni aku memang takboleh. Thanks all, Teeha Shahira Syafiqah and Syazwani. I owe you. Like look what, Im trying to avoid myself from type any humors status in Facebook. Aku kalau part memaki ni memang suka. What I need is P A T I E N T ! Bersabar separuh dari iman kan? Haa, stick on that Syaza :) Yeah, aku memang suka dia layan aku mcm sampah. Tak apaa, buat lah kay? Status semua tuju dkt aku :) I rather keep myself in cool mode. Buatlah sampai puas tau tau. I know that everyone were just like talking about me, jamin 100% nama aku rosak :) Terima kasih lah yee, hargai sesangat. Wait for my next post, going for my bath. Kbyee