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Saturday, April 9

I wish you were still here

Its April everybody! And, March is done with a jerk problems to me. I'm not like the others that strong and blablabla. Aku ni cenggeng! Menangis je kerja-.- Okay, April is going so fast. And like usually. Banyak benor masalah kay. Last Sunday, I broke down my simcard. Ahh, awesome aite? Hahaha, mhmm. there is a pretty good reason of why i'm broking down my simcard. Na'ahh, forget it! Bukak buku baru jom?

Since we have some extra time this evening, we went to find a home for us to stay. Or to be dreamed in another word. We browsed around ampang since there's tons of huge houses. Then continued our journey to Cane hill. Cane hill? Can you imagine how insane are we? I don't understand why there is such thing as school in every parents' mind. Okay, scratch that every. It could be more nicer if I write some. I know a few which do not put a school as a major thing for their children. And it is actually more wiser according to Islam My mood of life is getting more healthy now. I mean today. What else I would be tested later? We don't know. I was always asking myself about what is the purpose of life? And why are we should be here? The truth is, we are born to solve the mystery of the puzzle of life. Obey god in everything. We are told that Allah created us, placed us on this earth is to test us. And we will be rewarded or punished as a result. So no matter what He did to us, we should pray to Allah, remember Him in every second of our life. Allah is most merciful. InsyaAllah He will help us if we take care of His rights.

For the most, like if anything happen. Nothing to be change, and the truth is. I cant live without you! Please baby :'(
  I love you for the most of life