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Saturday, March 19

Happy Friday People!

Hey, I just finished cleaning my room. I have a lot of things that I need to cleaned up. Mama, cant stop babling. Kakak, your room....... Ya ya ya, I know how to manage it. Just shut, gettin me stress with all your bablings. Seriously, things to be settle that known as 'homework' is totally done! Yeahh, freedom. Erhh, not actually. Forget it,

Let's looks in the bright side, I have totally forget what happened to me lastnight. Truly, tak nak ingattt! Kimakkkkk sial, I thought he will make me cheers up. But then, gahhh. Sial-.- Takpelah, kesah pulak aku kan Nana? Brrr, hahaha. So, whats up with my day today? Nothing cheer me up, besides I just shut my mouth and just doing my thing without any complaining. Orang dalam rumah ni cakap dengan aku memang sakit hati ah kan, aku bukan jawab apa pun. Malasss nak campur. It's gonna be more peace, if I just keep myself in silent mood. Yahh, that's it. So, yesterday lepak-ing with my aunt. We're gossiping about... Mhm, adalah kan. She said-- Buat apalah nak show off apa kita upgrade dekat status Facebook? Kampung jelah yang buat cengitu. The others, ambik kau! Hentam gelak besa. 

And, what my aunt said is true, jiran sebelah aku anak datuk pun tak ada lah nak show off bagai apa dia beli dekat status Facebook. Kampunggan je yang buat camtu, bhahaha! Derr, it's your personal biss. Tak payah lah nak bagi satu Facebook tahu, apa yang kau upgrade. Orang cakap kau 'KAMPUNG' adolah~ Hahaha, tak mengaku aku tutututtt. Facebook public la, tak payah jadi kampung nak bagi tahu orang kau ada apa. Emberassing-.- You are older than me, but your mind... Just like a litle kids. Sorry to say, but it's the fact!