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Saturday, February 26


This post is credit to them :')
A - Atiqah
S - Shahira
T - Teeha
S - Syafiqah
N - Nana

I've a list of bitches i know all written in my heart ,
And every seconds , it comes to my mind .

Our frndshp started years ago ,
Whre tha days hv gone , i dnt knw .

Whenever i think of all we've done tgthr ,
I stop and smile bcse we've had such fun .

We were close friends ,
And we were still friends .
Eventhough distance split us apart .

We look at the past ,
Wondering why it didnt last .

I do miss our long talks and
Our laughs we used to share .

Days of old will never be sold .
One day , we will meet again .

We may take differ paths ,
and go seperate ways .
But we'll meet at the bend ,
Cause we're frnds till the end , aite ? :)