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Wednesday, February 23

Bestt Damn Thing Ever I Had

Im very very tired as an arse fucking right now -___- Wake up in the morning and got 2 missed call 1 massages , sorry okay I tak reply . Sumpah mengantuk gila kot , starting my day with this two little sunshine of my life . Iwan andd Irfan ! Just now my nose cant stop bleeding , dah seminggu mcm ni -___- bosann kay . And my eyes cant stop crying right now , Syazaaaa apahal lah kau nie cenggeng sangat wehh ? Okay and nowww , I need you Zulfiqar :'( 

Aku tahu weh , tahu sesangat kay :) I wonder if S were in 3 Orkid :') It must beeee soo fun right and no more borengggg -.-'' Yaaa , ofcourse it is right ? :) aku nie tak patut kan weh masok 3 Orkid dgn korang :') Kankankan . Aah sape jelah ak nie :') ego nak mampus , touching bagai nak gila :) kannnn ? Haaa tahu dah . Okay , thanks for making me like a perfect stupido idiot :') Sumpahh laaa best nak mampus doe , korang pernah rasa ? For sure tak pernah kann , haaaa aku pernah weh -.- Anddd Im not stupid and deaf somemore , aku pun manusia gak -.- 

Aku psyko , ego tahap gaban , touching bagai nak gilaa . Kay what else :) like seriously I have to pretend smilingggg every second and every minutes . All that hypocrite -.- being hypocrite is fucking things ever had in my whole life :) How awesome was that ? Haha . Its very very hard to make people satisfied with your enviroment or your personality for sure , I know that very well weh . but being hypocrite sometimes looks like a prefect idiot :) Yaaa , for me let just the mouth just go on . They are being honest , ofcoarse I feel like damn hell at that time . But just keep it up and just keep on silent anddddd SMILE . Fake only :) I still remember what my mom said to me " Tapis dahulu sebelum kau ckp ape ape dkt orng " and untill now , I think first whether it might hurts others feeling or what . If you're happy with that way , just go on kay :')

Tak perlu lah kau nak buzz aku dkt Ym , hntr chat dkt aku for fake thing only . Na'ahh I dont eat those fucking things kay :) Keep in touch BYEE -.-