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Friday, December 10

Breaks The Wall

So when I thought I could actually get some rest this weekend , I was sooo wrong . I woke up each morning with the sound of some stupid renovation going on next door . They're making one hell of a loud noise alright . I dont think I can stand the noise any longer , the drilling and the knocking is really starting to piss me off -.- Last night me and Teeha texting almost about one to two hours . Talking about swimming lah , gossiping . Hahaha , the last text I got from Teeha . Seriusly gelak besaa aku doee bace text kauu . Punya lah lame aku tnggu kau reply . Tk dpt dpt , as well I guess you already sleppy . Hahaha , then chatting with her brother . Amin , sedih aku dgr luahan hati kau weyhh :'( but , not actually . Mcm mcm die cerite kt aku , pretend to understang jelahh kn . Andd , aku tk percaye kau bgayut 4jam ngn awek kau doe . Yelahh , superSaver kn . Hahaha , what are both of you talking for 4hours ? Just fooling around me . Hahaha , but me . Syaza Syahirah will pray for your happiness :D so good luck for both of you , such a nice couple :) Andd I promise you , I wont tell your sista for sure . But I guess she already know lahh about your relationship , your sista kinda detactive you know ! Hahaha*big laugh Teeha , mlm nie text tau , I have something to tell you about . Hehe