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Saturday, November 13

I'll Never Forget Myself

Listening to Kalau Cinta . Uh yes , I keep repeating this boring song again and again and again and , k dah cukup . It means that that song isn't bored for me at all since I do listening to it every single day . Hihihi . Tried to find the video yet never found yet . *sobbing Nor like you , always make it easy plesy lemon sleasy -..- I have no patience get myself a license . I think im gonna kick someone ass . Who it will be ? I think you know who it will be , isnt Teeha ? kn kn kn  , ERRR truely annoyed okay . Dear , dont think that your the biggest deal okay . Mcm bgus je -..- Please lahhh dohhh , got sickk of that . 

Ohh yes , Im still in learning in editing photo thngy , so what im doing is not enough great or what . I think im doing a preety good job . So , i dont care what you'll wanna say about it . But before shout it , think it first lahhh . Whther its hurt mine or what . Kire baik aku bwd , klau tk bwd pun okay rase nye . Takdelah aku sakit hati dngr ape kau ckp -..- kn kn kn ERRR mcm ape jee