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Saturday, November 20

i Cant Dance Less Its Slow Or Sad

Today , I just want to write about my test and all those stuffs . Nothing other than that I guess . So from the beginning I warn you to stop reading or otherwise you will get bored and tired of seeing your very own screen . HAHA okayy , I just got back from surau Al-Islah , Sg.Buloh . Shocked me ! I meet my twiniy bestfriends in my old school at smkbbsb ;) Imissthemm ! they are truely cute , 

I have learned so many in short tazkirah for 3 hours . Start form 8:30 until 11:30 . Can you imagine how I can stand sitting in the cement *chehh tipu je HAHA truely , my feat feet feel very numb ! shitt , But what to do . The tazkirah is all about teenagers . Awesomee , Ustad Azhar were very chill on . serius mengantuk tp die suka bwt lawak , unexpected Im not sleepyy ! haha There is small little kid that is effing cute ;) is joining the tazkirah for 3 hours with us . This kid like to laugh like he knows what are ustad is talking about . Pdahal belum ckup umur tahu bnde utk remaja . But he laugh like he knows it HAHA !